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Through our R&D initiatives, we are developing a portfolio of technologies to change paradigms

When electrification becomes a factor of change...

Next-Generation City Buses and Urban Trucks

Pantero's engineering team is developing a high performance, cost-effective and value-added electric platform for city buses and low-floor urban trucks.

At Pantero, we believe that the electrification of commercial vehicles should not be the end result, but the change factor. There lies a fantastic opportunity to rethink vehicle architecture and to bring new concepts to the table. With existing vehicles, many needs are still unserved or underserved. Certain limitations persist today because of concepts defined more than 60 years ago… This is the perfect opportunity to introduce change and innovation.

We have designed from scratch a new vehicle platform tailored for the future. Having determined with industry leaders what the ideal public transit vehicle should be, we are now working toward the development of the next generation of city buses and the first “operation-wise” multi-articulated electric trambuses.

The Pantero trambus concept seeks to deliver a level of service and a user experience comparable to light rail solutions, with much more flexibility and without the constraints of rail infrastructure (and years of construction in a typically congested city centre). Project costs are therefore reduced by a factor of ten. The Pantero trambus has in fact the best cost per passenger-kilometre of any existing mass transit transportation system.

Its aim is to become the ideal solution for high-capacity BRT (bus rapid transit) services in all types of urban environments, all around the world. It is also the perfect complement as a feeder system to any existing urban rail backbone.

Rather than developing buses from trucks components and platforms, why not follow the reverse path? Developed with the stringent constraints of city buses, while integrating a very modular approach, our vehicle platform is also tailored for low-floor architecture truck applications.

The first truck concept to be derived by Pantero is a medium-duty walk-in delivery truck with exceptional manoeuvrability (all-wheel steerable) for dense urban zones, with a low-floor architecture for easy unloading at sidewalk level.

The idea is essentially to make large delivery trucks more adapted to the urban environment and much more productive in distributing large truckloads to a large number of small deliveries across the city.

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