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Next-Generation Urban Mass Transit Vehicles

Pantero's engineering team is developing a game-changing modular platform for city buses and trambuses.

We believe that the electrification of commercial vehicles should not be an end in itself, but rather a factor of change. There currently is a fantastic opportunity to rethink vehicle architecture and to bring in new concepts. Existing vehicles simply do not meet all needs. Certain limitations persist due to concepts that were defined over 60 years ago. This presents the perfect opportunity to introduce change and innovation.

Starting with a blank page, we designed a new vehicle platform perfectly adapted to the future. Having determined with industry leaders what the ideal public transit vehicle should be, we are now working toward the development of the next generation of electric and smart city buses and the first Roadtram worthy of the name.

A New Era in Public Transportation : The Pantero Roadtram

Note: All illustrations are schematic and do not represent the final appearance of the vehicles.

The Pantero multi-articulated trambus or Roadtram concept will be offered in several configurations (2, 3, or 4 modules). The 4-module configuration will be 38 metres long, which is equivalent to the size of an average tramway, and will be able of receive some 300 passengers. Its unique concept will provide unmatched manoeuvrability for dense urban environements. It seeks to deliver a level of service and a user experience comparable to that of trams or light rail solutions, with much more flexibility and without the constraints of rail infrastructure (and the years of construction required in typically congested city centres). Project costs could therefore be reduced by a factor of five. In fact, our Roadtram concept has the best cost per passenger-kilometre of any existing mass transit transportation system.

Its aim is to become the ideal solution for the evolution of bus rapid transit (BRT) services toward what we call Roadtram Rapid Transit, in all types of urban environments, worldwide. It is also the perfect complementary feeder system to any existing urban rail backbone (LRT, trams, etc.).

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