Rolling Stock Engineering

Expertise for public transport infrastructure projects

A World-Class Expertise at Your Service

We provide engineering services and technical support to the mass transit industry (buses and railway vehicles).

We have a thorough understanding of end-user needs and are familiar with each step of vehicle production, from design to manufacturing and commissioning. We provide custom services at the systems, vehicle and infrastructure level. We also support our clients in the electrification of transport systems and the deployment of advanced transit solutions. We focus on gaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients' needs to provide superior, cost-effective solutions.

Areas of expertise:
  • Vehicle Design and Engineering
  • Rail Refurbishment Programs
  • Electrification of Transport Systems
  • High-Performance Electric Powertrain
  • Weight Reduction / Structural Design and Optimization
  • Passenger Safety and Comfort Systems
  • Vehicle Accessibility, Ramp and Door Systems
  • Systems Integration / Retrofit
  • Conformity Assessments / Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations / Rail Safety Regulations
Professional services:
  • Feasibility and Technical Studies
  • Project Planning and Management / Program Management
  • Technical Advisory / SME Role
  • Procurement Advisory and Technical Interface with Suppliers
  • Conceptual and Preliminary Design
  • Modelling and Simulation (CAD/CAE/FEA)
  • Engineering Outsourcing
  • Technology Assessment
  • Technical Specification Development
  • Testing and Validation Programs (Pilot Projects)

We are located near the Motor Vehicle Test and Research Center established in Blainville by Transport Canada for research and compliance testing of motor vehicles.

Our project methodology follows Design For Six Sigma and Design for Lean Manufacturing principles. We subscribe to the principles of continuous improvement and are committed to providing and maintaining state-of-the-art services that ensure the design and engineering quality of each product entrusted to us.

Our passion for product development, combined with our drive and capacity to innovate, makes us a partner of choice for all your projects.

  • Lead SME (mechanic) supporting a major passenger rail transport company in the acquisition of a new fleet of train sets. Support the technical review process; ensure compliance with technical specifications, regulations and standards, in accordance with the contractual agreement.
  • Engineering support to a transit authority to define the operational and technical requirements/specifications for the infrastructure and rolling stock of a new network.
  • Lead system engineer roles on multiple transit electrification contracts (in-depot charging of electric buses).
  • Supervision of a design team of 20 people for the modernization of a fleet of bilevel tourist railcars.
  • Engine and electric propulsion performance expert for a feasibility study on the implementation of hydrogen-powered locomotives.
  • Risk assessment, failure mode and effect analysis for rolling stock in existing and new operations, with particular attention to performance in extreme climate conditions.
  • Production of technical specifications for the acquisition of mining gondola cars.
  • Production of technical specifications for the acquisition of multiple mining railroad maintenance equipment for a rail operator in West Africa.


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