Notice of Appointment

Oct. 13, 2020  |    General Interest

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Messrs. Jean-Pierre Baracat and Jean-Noël Debroise as special advisors on Pantero's advisory board.

Mr. Baracat has some 30 years of experience in the transportation sector, including 22 years with Nova Bus (Volvo). Between 2013 and 2016, he was President of Nova Bus, then Senior Vice-President of Volvo buses North America — NovaBus division. One of the pioneers in the company's history since its inception in 1994, he played an essential role in its growth. Through the various positions he held over the years, he contributed to making it one of the three largest urban bus manufacturers in North America, with over 1000 employees.

Mr. Debroise has over 30 years of experience in the transport and energy sector within the Alstom Group. From 2002 to 2011, he served as Vice-President of Product Strategy for the Rail Sector. Leading a multi-disciplinary international team, he was responsible for defining and implementing R&D strategies and plans for 23 product lines. While leading the tramway business unit for nine years, he instigated the creation of the Citadis range, which gave Alstom its place as an undisputed world leader in this sector.

Pioneers of the industry, they help us build its future

At the heart of the convergence between buses and trams, the Pantero team is delighted to count on the advice of these great builders who have made their mark on the industries we want to revolutionize. The Pantero Advisory Board brings together independent strategic advisors who put their knowledge, expertise, and experience at the management team's service, particularly concerning the development of our flagship road tram project.

Pantero is a Montreal start-up initiating a true revolution in the public transportation industry. We are working to bring together high-quality global industry partners and collaborators to support our vision and ambitions.

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